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Audio Book Library.

You may simply access many of the supplied audiobooks on an iPhone using the Apple Podcasts app since many of them can be listened to as podcasts.




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Sep 2020


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Online or offline, you can listen at any time. Audio can be downloaded and played offline or streamed directly in your browser.

Use your smartphone, tablet, or computer to listen. All devices are capable of playing audio file formats.

Learn while you listen and develop your reading skills. Gain access to native speakers to aid with language learning.

Think Your Way Rich

Napoleon Hill's book Think and Grow Rich, a manual for success, was first released in 1937, at the end of the Great Depression. It was accepted right away as a remedy for difficult times and remained a best-seller for decades. Many people still consider its positive thinking philosophy.

Its detailed methods for acquiring riches to be both relevant and life-changing. According to Hill, our thoughts shape our reality. He provides a strategy and set of guidelines for turning thoughts into riches, including visualisation, affirmation, the formation of a Master Mind group, setting goals, and planning.

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The Magic of Thinking Big provides you with practical advice, not just empty platitudes. To make the most of your career, marriage and family, and community involvement, Dr. Schwartz offers a programme that has been well thought out. He demonstrates that you don't have to be smart or talented to achieve tremendous success and fulfilment, but you do need to develop and grasp the habit of thinking and doing in ways that will help you get there.

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Through a unique combination of engineering, construction and design

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Through a unique combination of engineering, construction and design

A recording of a text being read aloud, either verbatim or condensed, is known as an audio book. They are a practical replacement for conventional books and an essential kind of media for those who are blind.

Although they were made widely available in the 1950s, it wasn't until the 1970s with the introduction of cassette recordings that their popularity started to soar, especially among commuting motorists.

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