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Sep 2020


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It is no longer necessary to manually combine various classes and training materials to create a strong staff training and development programme. A learning management system called TalentLMS aids in the development of staff members. Features that promote employee learning include gamification technologies and adaptable training course design. Additionally, you can create customised learning routes and allocate distinct employee groups with separate course libraries.

Benefits administration always involves maintaining employee benefit elections, renewing and establishing new plans, coordinating with carriers, and comprehending the complex compliance regulations. Nearly all benefits administration procedures are automated by EverythingBenefits, including COBRA administration, monthly invoice reconciliation, and open enrollment operations.

Your company's organisational chart doesn't have to be a static document on your desktop. Employees can use the Pingboard interactive org chart software to establish personal profiles that are linked within an org chart and utilise it to learn about the interests, qualifications, and accomplishments of their coworkers. New hiring and other changes are automatically reflected on the org chart thanks to the software's integration with payroll and HCM systems.

An all-in-one HR automation tool can help you save more time and money.

There can be too much of a good thing, even while each of these 12 automation solutions offers some outstanding capabilities. Too many HR systems can reduce productivity, increase waste, and lead to erroneous reporting. In reality, compared to four, five, or six highly specialised platforms, a single application that automates the complete range of HR functions can offer greater value and efficiency. Choose an automation tool that helps you manage your whole workforce as you weigh your options so you can spend more time supporting your staff and less time trying to manage various platforms. For additional information, see our guide The Hidden Costs of Managing Employees in Disconnected Systems.

Fuse Workforce Management

Having a single tool to complete a variety of HR-related tasks increases productivity and enables you to give unified data. The Fuse Workforce Management platform combines payroll, human resources, and time and attendance management into a comprehensive human capital management (HCM) software system. Giving you a clear, real-time perspective of your staff, effective dashboards and reporting capabilities enable workforce planning.

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Background checks enable you to keep a secure workplace while learning more about the candidates you recruit. You can arrange pre-employment background checks from GoodHire and check the results all on one platform thanks to their background check automation software. Using a self-service platform, candidates can also provide background data and evaluate their results.

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